One On One Health Coach Consultation

I offer one on one health and wellness coach consultations held in the comfort of your own home or public place if you would like. I work with clients by focusing on personal development through smart decision making and positive behavioral changes. I will provide you with ongoing emotional support and encouragement through your wellness journey.

Your sessions will focus on accountability, progress with goals, wellness education, addressing any challenges that may arise, answering your nutrition, fitness and wellness questions and helping you stay motivated and inspired. Discover the confidence to create the life you want and increase the feeling of empowerment.

* Health Coaching * Nutrition/Fitness education * Wellness Consulting * Stress Management/Goal Setting * Life/Work Balance * Weight Loss Support Groups/Meetings *


I offer personal training and group training. I will teach you the simplicity of fitness and exercise and guide you through workout 101 education. I will show you how to work out in the comfort of your home with fun workouts that will gradually build your fitness level and endurance. Learn to move your body and love it.

* Personal Training * Group Training * Exercise Consultations * In Home Walking Class * Specialized Cardio class * Walking Buddy Program * Youth Fitness * Elder Fitness * Corporate Fitness *

Nutrition Services

I don’t teach diets. I teach lifestyle habits. I will teach you the simplicity of nutrition and guide you through nutrition 101 education. I will show you how to work to achieve and maintain your weight, reduce your cravings and enjoy your favorite foods without guilt. You will learn about portion sizes, how to read food labels, food prep/meal planning, time management and budgeting.

Learn food survival skills for eating out at your favorite restaurants and overcoming the holiday seasons. Get a custom kitchen/pantry evaluation and cleanout suggestions. Take a personalized supermarket tour and learn to shop for healthy food choices while still on a budget. Increase your food and nutrition knowledge and learn to create and maintain a healthy life/work balance.

* Nutrition Consultations * Nutrition Workshops * Supermarket Tours * Kitchen Evaluation/Cleanout * Health Coaching *

I also offer the following services:
* Wellness/Fitness/Nutrition workshops and presentations
* Speaking Engagements
* Seminars/Lectures/In House Seminars
* Lessons and Classes
* Consulting
* Weight loss meetings/support groups
* Healthy Lifestyle Courses
* Media Inquires

* These programs/classes/workshops does NOT provide clients with a required diet/supplements. Healthy Habits Made Simple does NOT offer medical advice. Clients are encouraged to contact a physician for professional medical questions.