Do you want to change the way you eat, develop new healthy habits or establish a regular exercise routine?

My name is Sarah and I created Healthy Habits Made Simple out of my passion for wanting to teach people about living a healthy lifestyle the simple way. I am a certified health and wellness coach, personal trainer and fitness & nutrition consultant. I was once overweight in my life weighing in about 250 lbs. feeling tired and having no energy. I then decided to make a change and transform my life, while still maintaining a home, raising a family and working sometimes 2-3 jobs at a time to just get by.

Ready to learn all the secrets to a vibrant health?

Today, I’ve lost over 120 lbs. and I did it all without even going to the gym, taking a magic pill, having surgery or running for hours on a treadmill. I still ate all my favorite foods, but I learned to incorporate healthy habits into my daily routines which resulted in big weight loss and leaving me bursting with energy. I finally had the motivation and inspiration to create a better life for myself in every way.

Improve wellness & health the simple way

My mission is to improve wellness and health by coaching people about making simple and sustainable lifestyle changes through education and awareness. Together, we will focus on turning weight loss, stress management, nutrition and exercise goals into action. I will provide you with the knowledge, support, motivation, tools & lifestyle habits you need to live a healthy, energetic and productive life you always dreamed of having, but didn’t know where to start to make it come true.