One On One Health Coach Consultation

One on one health and wellness coach consultations to guide you through your weight loss and wellness journey.


Personal Training

Learn to work out in the comfort of your home. Get a personal training package deal at a discount.

Group Training

Want to exercise with a few of your friends and get a discount? Take advantage of group fitness classes for 2 or more people.

High Intensity Interval Training

Make cardio fun again and burn lots of fat while doing it. Alternate between slow and fast cardio movements for powerful weight loss.

In Home Walking Classes

Enjoy walking, but want to do it in the comfort of your own home? I’ll show you how to walk away the weight and get big weight loss results.

Women’s Club Walking Buddy

Do you want some company and motivation while you take your walks outside? I’ll be your personal walking buddy.
(For Central Islip/Islandia/Smithtown/Hauppauge/Brentwood areas only)

Nutrition Classes Ala Carte

Supermarket Tour (1 ½ hours)

Take a guided tour of your supermarket and learn to navigate the aisles and learn to read food labels. Make healthy choices while still on a budget.

Kitchen/Pantry Evaluation (1 hour class)

I’ll help you walk through your kitchen and identify products that are holding you back from feeling your best & let’s create healthy and delicious alternatives.

Portion Sizes/Reading Labels (1 hour class)

Learn about what portion sizes really look like and learn to read and understand food labels.

Dining Out/Holiday Survival (1 hour class)

Learn to make healthy & delicious choices while going out to your favorite restaurant, but still enjoy all your favorite meals. Learn to survive the holiday season while making smart, healthy & yummy food choices.

Nutrition 101 (1 hour class)

Increase your nutrition knowledge and have the power to fight the battle on weight loss. Learn all about nutrition and how to plan meals on a budget. Also learn to create delicious meals with exciting meal suggestions & meal swaps.

Take all the nutrition classes together for a discount.

Complete Nutrition Package Add On

Add the complete nutrition package on to any Personal Training Package for a bigger discount.

In House Mini Nutrition Workshop (2 Hour Class)

For 3 or more people. Gather some of your friends at home and get a mini lesson in nutrition 101. Learn portion sizes, reading/understanding food labels, how to survive dining out and the holidays, meal planning and food shopping strategies. Here’s the 2 hours breakdown:

30 min. Portion Sizes/Reading Food Labels
30 min. Dining Out/Holiday Survival Guide
30 min. All About Nutrition 101
30 min. Meal Planning/Food Shopping Guide
Weight Loss Support Groups/Meetings

Call For Dates And Times

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